Thursday, 14 July 2011

Well travelled Gainsborough Door Knobs

We had an enquiry last week from a customer who lived in Melbourne Australia. He was looking for some Gainsborough Door Knobs that were listed on our online store

Conscious of the cost to the customer I initially advised him to contact Gainsborough directly as the HQ of Gainsborough Door Knobs is in Melbourne Australia. However it seems the specific version of the knobs in ebony with bright chrome backplate were no longer available in Australia, hence his request asking if we could supply them.

We were more than happy to oblige. We've previously shipped Gainsborough Door Knobs to the United States but this was the first time we'd sent a large order to Australia! It seemed a bit bizzare that these knobs were manufactured in Melbourne, had travelled to the UK by ship and were now heading back to Melbourne in an aeroplane and to a customer who lived not far from Gainsborough HQ!

So the door knobs were packaged up and sent last Thursday by Fedex. The service provided was fantastic and were delivered to the customer on Monday safe and sound.

We received confirmation from the customer that they were pleased with the service and the speed they had been delivered.

We were delighted we were able to help this customer out as they already had these knobs within their home and needed to match them up.

For those not familiar with the Gainsborough range they are a high quality door knob range available in passage, privacy, wardrobe and cupboard door functions. They come in a wide variety of finishes including ceramic / porcelain, brass, chrome, satin chrome and crystal glass effect. Please browse the pages on our site to find out more about Gainsborough Door Knobs and the styles available.