Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas & Cold Weather

After a very mild autumn the temperature and weather is far more winter like. We haven't had any snow yet where our store is based in Port Talbot but there is snow a short drive from us in the Brecon Beacons.

With the winter weather you'll find our Port Talbot brick and mortar store Page's DIY Ltd. well stocked with many things you're likely to need as the mercury plummets. We currently hold good levels of stock of snow shovels, paraffin, de-icer and rock salt. So don't get caught out by snow or the icy conditions and make sure you stock up before hand!

If you're at a slight loss as to what to get someone who likes to induldge themselves doing DIY you'll find a huge range of tools etc. available to purchase online from The site stocks tools to suit most trades whether you're looking for a gift for someone interested in woodworking, engineering & metalworking, building work etc. there's a good chance we'll be able to supply the tool needed which could double as a Christmas present.

We have many tools available in sets which make great presents. Such as screwdriver sets, chisel sets, spanner sets, socket sets etc.

Don't delay if you want to buy an item from as an xmas present as orders placed after Tuesday 20/12/11 probably won't arrive in time for Christmas.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Dale Designer Door Lever Handles

There's a brand new range of door handles on of Dale Designer Door Handles. With 22 handles in the range you're sure to find a handle that suits your project.

The handles feature varying different styles and finishes and unique combinations. For example the Arc designer handle (right) combines satin nickel and polished chrome finishes.

The orbit designer handle (left) combines polished electro brass and polished chrome plate finishes.

The dale range includes handles with a scroll type handle like the venus designer levers (right). The venus comes in both polished chrome plated and satin chrome plated finishes allowing you to choose the finish to match your room.

As well as scroll design handles there are handles with a slight curve and contemporary type design handles which are completely straight in design like the sultan designer levers (left).

With 22 designs to choose from at you are sure to find a style and finish to suit your room. All the handles featured in the dale designer lever handle section on are also available from our high street store in Talbot Road, Port Talbot.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Patifix/Fablon Self Adhesive Films / Sticky Back Plastic / Fablon

For some time there have been supply issues with the fablon range of sticky back plastic / self adhesive films. It was unclear what the issue was but it turns out the company that manufactured it (H & A) was in financial difficulty and has since gone into administration.

We have therefore had difficulties supplying any of the fablon range and were only able to get hold of selected products for the last 12 months or so.

We are pleased to advise that an alternate range is now available manufactured by a company called Patifix. The Patifix range is very extensive and now available to order from We suspect that people will continue to call the sticky back plastic range by the brand name fablon for some time, a bit like the word hoover with regard to vacuuming. We do still have a few fablon products available, although most the products available on our site are from the new Patifix range of self adhesive films. The Patifx products are identical in quality to the old fablon range and offer very similar patterns to the ones we used to sell in fablon as well as several new ones. One example of the marble grey is shown to the left.

The Patifix range is available in plains and prints, woodgrains, marbles, a huge range of window films, new metallic range, new white / black board film range as well as velours.

The new patifix range features a fairly extensive new offering of window films including mosaics, water droplets and stained glass window style patterns. Other all new sticky back plastic products available since we've introduced the patifix product range are the metallics available in criss cross (shown right), metallic squares and brushed silver. These are all welcome additions to the self adhesive films offered by Patifix also produce a white board film and black board film allowing surfaces to be easily converted into surfaces suitable for dry wipe pens or chalk.

E-commerce manager at, Chris Page said, "I'm delighted to be able to offer a range of self adhesive films or sticky back plastic (as some people like to call it) once again. It was real shame to see a long standing product like fablon go but I'm glad we can offer our customers a very similar product with an extensive range offering once more."

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Well travelled Gainsborough Door Knobs

We had an enquiry last week from a customer who lived in Melbourne Australia. He was looking for some Gainsborough Door Knobs that were listed on our online store

Conscious of the cost to the customer I initially advised him to contact Gainsborough directly as the HQ of Gainsborough Door Knobs is in Melbourne Australia. However it seems the specific version of the knobs in ebony with bright chrome backplate were no longer available in Australia, hence his request asking if we could supply them.

We were more than happy to oblige. We've previously shipped Gainsborough Door Knobs to the United States but this was the first time we'd sent a large order to Australia! It seemed a bit bizzare that these knobs were manufactured in Melbourne, had travelled to the UK by ship and were now heading back to Melbourne in an aeroplane and to a customer who lived not far from Gainsborough HQ!

So the door knobs were packaged up and sent last Thursday by Fedex. The service provided was fantastic and were delivered to the customer on Monday safe and sound.

We received confirmation from the customer that they were pleased with the service and the speed they had been delivered.

We were delighted we were able to help this customer out as they already had these knobs within their home and needed to match them up.

For those not familiar with the Gainsborough range they are a high quality door knob range available in passage, privacy, wardrobe and cupboard door functions. They come in a wide variety of finishes including ceramic / porcelain, brass, chrome, satin chrome and crystal glass effect. Please browse the pages on our site to find out more about Gainsborough Door Knobs and the styles available.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Home Security in Hot Weather

The summer is a time when you seem to get far more opportunist thefts from homes. It's often because people leave windows open or unlocked particularly when asleep at night or if they pop out in the daytime. Please take extra care at this time of year so you don't become another statistic.

Modern cars have become so sophisticated that it's only really possible to steal a vehicle with the car keys. Think about where you keep your keys - anywhere around the front door particularly where a long stick or similar could reach them through the letterbox is never a good idea! Close to open windows is an open invitation too. If you have windows you want to keep open for ventilation think about fitting some sort of device to limit how wide the window can be opened.

You'll find a large range of security products available at to protect your home. In fact you'll probably find that covers all your security needs with products from all the leading security brands including; Yale, Union, ERA, Abus, Henry Squire etc. If you can't find what your looking for please contact us on 01639 884076 as there is a good chance we can source what you're looking for. In our locks, padlocks and security section you'll find a large range of door and window locks & secondary security products, digital push button locks, garage door security products, hasp and staples, padlocks, safes, key safes etc., security chains and security alarms.

The secondary security products we keep are great for adding additional security to your windows and doors. We have a large range of locks and fittings for wooden windows, locks and fittings for metal windows and locks and fittings for UPVC windows.

To restrict the window opening on a wooden window you could consider a securistay or ventilation lock. These restrict how far the window can be opened and can only be disconnected when the window is in a closed position.

A great way to improve security on a UPVC window or door is with our Sash Jammer Kits.
These are face fixed additional security device for UPVC windows and doors. Suitable for inward or outward opening doors and windows. This sash jammer is supplied with a lock which may be optionally used. Should you prefer not to use the lock the sash jammer can be used without it.

Supplied complete with all instructions and a choice of fixings. It can either be fitted with the supplied self tappers or the supplied bolts and jacknuts. You can view a video here showing how these are fitted.

Other secondary security products it could be worth considering is a rack bolt style door bolt, security chains and even door viewers.

The most important thing is that you don't become lapse when the weather is hot. Try not to leave downstairs windows open overnight or during the day time whilst you are out. Where possible add additional security to your windows and doors and good quality padlocks and hasp and staples to your sheds. Thieves know there are often high value lawn mowers and garden equipment kept in sheds and expensive bikes etc. in garages. So make sure that your shed and garage are all well protected too. For outward opening garage doors consider a garage door defender as an additional security measure against thieves.

By making your home more difficult for thieves to gain access with a range of security products from you are helping in the fight against crime and you will hopefully not become another statistic this summer.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Garden Watering Tools

Apparently the forecast for Sunday is pretty good across the country. There is also the chance of some decent weather next week too. Good news for all those people who've headed to Glastonbury this weekend! Although from what we've heard it's pretty muddy down there on site at the moment and there is heavy rain forecast for later today / this evening!

If you haven't left for Glastonbury already then why not call into our Port Talbot store to pick up some wellington boots on your way! Our wellington boots sold in store have safety steel toe caps so would be great if people are jumping up and down and happen to land on your feet! We managed to sell some wellington boots to festival goers this time last year! We also sell wellington boots on our internet store you can view them at this page although we're sorry we can't get them to you in time for this years Glastonbury festival!

Okay we've digressed a little there, so lets get back on topic. So with the good weather we're sure a few of you are going to be looking to get out into the garden and possibly be looking to water your flowers. As you'd expect from a DIY retailer with over 13,000 products on their internet store we've got a large range of watering tools, hosepipes and fittings from brands like hozelock, faithfull etc.

In the hose fitting and connectors section you'll find fittings to connect your hose to a range of different taps as well as a wide range of hose end fittings including ones that will stop the water flow when you remove the hose gun, sprinkler etc. that is fitted to the end of your hose.

Other products in our range of watering tools, hosepipes and fittings include a range of car wash brushes. We're sure a lot of you will be taking advantage of the sunny weather to give the car a quick wash. You'll also find a big range of hose guns, garden sprayers and telescopic lances. The telescopic lance is great for watering hanging baskets! What use would all these fittings be without the actual hose pipe? In the hose pipe section we have standard garden hose pipe and heavy duty hose pipe which helps prevent kinks occuring. We've also got sprinkler hose and soaker hose which will let you water your garden and flower beds with minimal effort. You'll also find a large range of hose reels and hose storage systems and garden sprinklers. For those of you going on holiday this summer to escape the British summer why not consider seeting up a controlled watering system. Hozelock do a range of controlled watering timer systems which can completely take care of watering you flower beds, hanging baskets etc. while you relax on a sun bed in a sunnier location!

As is so typical of British summer we have to make the most of it whenever the sun comes out. So make sure you're prepared for it. Shop effortlessly online from your own home now at to make sure you have all the hose fittings, hose pipe etc. you need, so you can relax and enjoy your garden when the sun finally shines!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Getting your shed and fence ready for summer

So, in yesterdays blog we focussed on how to get your decking ready for summer with a range of decking products from

Today we thought we focus on shed and fence treatments and again we have a vast range of products available for shed and fences from Cuprinol and Ronseal.

In Cuprinol there is a range of Shed & Fence Preserver. This gives deep penetrating protection and a rustic colour to outdoor wood. It is specially formulated to protect against rot and decay and also contains water repellents to help resist rain penetration. Cuprinol Shed And Fence Preserver is ideal for all types of sheds and fences. They also manufacture a range of sprayable treatments. Like Cuprinol Spray Fence Treatment. Now there's no faster or easier way to colour and protect your fence. With Cuprinol Sprayable Fence Treatment, you can treat each panel in less than 4 minutes, a fraction of the time it would normally take with a brush. Cuprinol Sprayable Fence Treatment has been specially developed for use with the Cuprinol Fence Sprayer And the Cuprinol Power Sprayer. Breakthrough technology allows you to spray accurately and evenly with minimal effort to achieve a professional finish in just one coat. Or what about Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback Sprayable which has an advanced one coat formulation that contains extra waxes to provide superior protection against the weather as well as UV inhibitors that ensure that the colour is long lasting and fade resistant. Its convenient waterproof technology means it is showerproof in just one hour and the added algicides will protect the coating from green algal growth.

Ronseal also make a large range of shed and fence products. Their range includes: Ronseal eco shed & fence preserver is a water-based alternative to traditional solvent-based preservatives that can be brush or spray-applied. Its active ingredients penetrate wood to preserve it against rot and decay whilst leaving a long-lasting, waterproof coating that resists the harmful effects of weathering. It is water-based, has a low odour and brushes can be washed out in water. Its eco crudentials include the tin as it is packaged in a steel tin which contains up to 40% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. There is also Ronseal Fencelife  is an advanced, quick drying shed and fence treatment that will protect all rough sawn garden timber from the rigours of the weather with fade-resistant colour in just one coat. Safe for plants and pets. Ronseal One Coat Fencelife is ideal for use on any rough sawn garden timber and sheds, fences, trellises, summer houses, gates, wooden garden structures, pergolas etc. It can be used on new wood or wood which has been stained previously in a similar colour. Like other water-based garden treatments, it is not suitable for use on smooth planed wood, decking or garden furniture. If you're looking for an easy product to apply up to 10 times faster than using a brush why not consider Ronseal Fencelife Sprayable? There is also Ronseal shed & fence wood preservative. This is a highly penetrative solvent-based wood preserver providing long lasting colour and protection against rot and decay to sheds and fences.

So, now's the time to get out and get your garden looking great for summer. Treat the decking and your shed and fencing, so when the good weather finally arrives you can sit back, relax and enjoy your garden.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Get your decking ready for when we get some decent weather

It was the longest day of the year yesterday and July is quickly approaching. We should all be out enjoying the blazing sunshine but as is so typical of Wimbledon fortnight and the British Summer over the past few years, the weather isn't all that good at the moment.

Although we might not be basking in mid 20 degree heat at least it is dry enough for long enough for you to get out in the garden and get it looking great for when we do finally get some decent weather so you can sit back and enjoy it.

You're probably going to want to make sure your decking is looking good and we have a range of products available from manufacturers like Cuprinol, Liberon, Ronseal and Rustins specifically for outdoor decking. Browse through the products in our paints, varnishes & woodcare section.

The first thing you are going to want to do is clean and restore the decking as I'm sure it's looking a bit grubby. Cuprinol do a decking cleaner that is specifically designed to remove dirt and grease and kill algae and mould. Liberon also do a decking cleaner which can be found at the bottom of this page. The Liberon product again is designed to remove dirt, mildew and grime and inparticular helps remove black spotting caused by mould and lichen. Ronseal decking cleaner comes in a sachet that is dissolved in water. It kills moss, mould and algae to prepare the surface prior to coating. Ronseal also manufacture a decking restorer which is a quick and easy way to safely restore grey or weathered decking back to its natural appearance with the minimum of effort and fuss. The unique non-acidic, gel formulation brightens and revives dull and weathered timbers to leave your deck looking clean, newly restored and transformed to its original colour. Rustins also manufacture a decking cleaner for cleaning and reviving weathered garden decking. It can also be used to clean cladding, fences, window frames and other exterior woodwork.

Once you've got the decking cleaned and prepared you're ready to coat it. All the manufacturers mentioned above produce products for coating and treating decking. With so many on offer you're going to need to browse through to choose the most suitable product: Cuprinol decking products, Liberon decking products, Ronseal decking products, Rustins decking products.

Once you've coated your decking why not consider an anti slip coating? Liberon produce an anti-slip coating suitable for use on decking as well as other areas such as patios, concrete areas, paving, stone and wood. It can be used around swimming pools etc. and makes surfaces non-slip even when wet.

Now is the time to get your decking looking great so that when we do finally get some decent weather, you can relax, BBQ and enjoy the weather and your garden!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Page's DIY Blog

Hi and welcome to our new blog. Here we'll keep you posted about updates to our site and provide further details on the products available to order for home delivery.
Original workshops (tin roof to rear)
Original Shop behind blue car.

We thought that the first post should have a bit of background to our business which has been trading for nearly 100 years.. so here we go: Pages DIY Ltd. is a well known Port Talbot family business currently run by Jeffrey Page and today located at Talbot Road, Port Talbot. The business was established in 1918 by Jeffrey's grandfather just after the Great War in a small building at the rear of the family home in Grove Place trading as a carpentry and joinery business under the name of G. H. Page and Son. It was here that the groundwork was done to establish a successful family business. Jeffrey's father George, joined the business as a craftsman supplying many of the old established businesses in Port Talbot as well as the private sector with purpose made joinery.

In 1960 George and his wife Dyllis opened a D.I.Y. shop known as Pages' Home Supplies. It was as Pages' Home Supplies that the business diverted away from carpentry and joinery and became a fore runner in D.I.Y.

Jeffrey joined the business in 1972 after successfully completing his carpentry and joinery apprenticeship and worked alongside his parents until the untimely death of his father in 1980.

The business continued to expand and in 1986 Pages' Home Supplies became Page's D.I.Y. The continuing growth of the business meant that in 1990 it moved from Grove Place where it all began to much larger premises at Talbot Road enabling us to continue to supply all the needs of builder and handyman alike.

The old tradition of counter service is still retained today as we feel that direct contact with the public is a bonus to our business. We supply industry, tradesmen as well as the DIY enthusiast.

You'll be surprised on visiting our high street store by the comprehensive range of products and well known brands which we stock. The Talbot Road store stocks a large range of tools, locks, ironmongery, DIY supplies, timber, timber sheet materials and has an instore key cutting service. Timber can be cut to size and we offer a delivery service throughout the South Wales area.

In 2007 a new online trading division was launched selling a vast range of our products over the internet. The aim of the online store is to offer the same quality service we provide the customers who come through the door of our Port Talbot store. See our 25 reviews - with an average rating of 5 out of 5 here: Reviews. The online store currently has over 13,000 products available to order.