Friday, 2 March 2012

Abus Locks at Pages DIY

You don’t become a brand with expertise in preventive security technology overnight. But when August Bremicker und Söhne KG (ABUS for short) started making traditional padlocks in 1924, they were already setting standards. The founders’ strategy was simple and timeless: ‘Security calls for quality!’ It is that principle that successive generations have carried on and developed.

A family-owned firm for over 80 years, ABUS has grown with its skilled, friendly staff and consistent customer orientation into a strong, independent, globally operating group of companies. Characterised by a Christian corporate structure, its image today is one of modernity and innovation – ‘Spirit of ABUS’ a good basis for a secure future.

At Page's DIY Ltd. we have been stocking the ABUS security range for years. The ABUS is also available online from our internet store where we offer UK home delivery on the ABUS range.  ABUS have a padlock for pretty much anything as you can see from the extensive range available on our online store. Padlocks are available at every level from low security up to high security requirements.

The range features some innovative padlocks like the diskus padlock displayed on the right. This padlock offers the highest level of protection restricting the usual method of manipulation. There is also a large range of combination padlocks available meaning that you don't need to worry about keys. The combination padlocks are not just restricted to the type you'd normally use on your suitcase. ABUS produce ones with a medium to high security rating.

If you need multiple locks all operating with the same key this is available for most of the ABUS range. If you're looking to purchase additional ABUS Padlocks to match existing keys then this is available too from both our website and instore. In fact on the site you can find the ABUS keyed alike padlocks listed by reference number so you can easily find a lock that matches your existing ABUS key reference.

As well as the vast Abus Padlock range they produce a range of other security products as well. One example is the high security wall anchors - great for providing a point to secure high value items like personal watercraft, motorbikes, push bikes or lawn mowers etc. For push bikes and motorcycles there is a range of specific bike locks available from ABUS too. These are available to suit a range of security requirement levels and come with either keyed locks or combinations locks. Abus security chains can be used in combination with the high security anchors to ensure that your high value items don't get stolen from your garage!

If you're concerned about tools left in a van or garage you should think about fitting the ABUS integral van lock. This is a must for all Tradesman if carrying tools or machinery in a van or just keeping them in a garage or double door shed. This Abus VANLOCK is suitable for vans, trucks, garages, sheds or any other outward opening double doors.

If you've got UPVC doors ABUS produce euro profile cylinders meaning that with ABUS you really can take care of your entire home security needs.

Whether it's a bike lock, padlock for your garage or shed or front door lock you need, ABUS have pretty much got your entire security needs sorted, all available for home delivery from our online store: and our high street store located in Talbot Road, Port Talbot.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Rustins Varnishes

Continuing with the Rustins theme from previous weeks this post with focus on the range of varnishes available from the Rustins brand. Again these are products available from both our Port Talbot store and online store.

If you're looking for a quality clear varnish Rustins produce a range of clear polyurethane varnishes in gloss, satin and matt finishes. These are a tough durable finish resistant to oil, water and many chemicals for all woodwork and cork. You need to apply 2-3 coats for the perfect finish and re-coating time is 2-8 hours. These varnishes can also be applied over Rustin’s Wood Dyes to give a fantastic finish in a range of colours.

If you want to achieve a coloured finish and varnish in one go you should consider one of the Rustins Quick Drying Coloured Varnishes. These are available in gloss, satin and matt finishes in a wide range of colours. A quick drying, hard wearing coating for all interior woodwork. Low odour, non-toxic and touch dry in 20 minutes, re-coatable in 2 hours. Low odour non toxic and touch dry in 20 mins, re-coatable in 2 hours.

There's also a wide range of exterior varnishes available from Rustins One such product is the Rustins quick drying exterior varnish. This varnish is quick-drying, durable, clear coating available in Gloss and Satin. Gives long lasting protection to all external wood, and is touch dry in 30 minutes, re-coatable in 4 hours. If you're looking for a more specialist product that has flexible qualities Rustins Flexterior should meet your needs. A flexible exterior satin wood finish with ultraviolet and fungicide protection. Available in mahogany, dark oak, teak and clear. Ideal for use on all new, planed and sawn soft and hard woods. Flexterior with its special properties will not peel, crack or blister when correctly applied.

For a highly durable varnish for use outdoors you need Rustins Yacht Varnish. Specially formulated on Tung Oil to give maximum protection and durability to marine and other external woodwork. Has excellent adhesion and will not flake or peel when correctly applied. Ideal for exterior doors, window frames, cladding as well as marine woodwork. Good resistance to rain, sunlight, frost, salt and chemically polluted atmospheres may it ideal for outdoor demanding environments. 3 coats are recommended allowing at least 12 hours between coats. It can be applied over exitsing coatings as long as these are in good condition and rubbed down to provide a key.