Thursday, 11 August 2011

Patifix/Fablon Self Adhesive Films / Sticky Back Plastic / Fablon

For some time there have been supply issues with the fablon range of sticky back plastic / self adhesive films. It was unclear what the issue was but it turns out the company that manufactured it (H & A) was in financial difficulty and has since gone into administration.

We have therefore had difficulties supplying any of the fablon range and were only able to get hold of selected products for the last 12 months or so.

We are pleased to advise that an alternate range is now available manufactured by a company called Patifix. The Patifix range is very extensive and now available to order from We suspect that people will continue to call the sticky back plastic range by the brand name fablon for some time, a bit like the word hoover with regard to vacuuming. We do still have a few fablon products available, although most the products available on our site are from the new Patifix range of self adhesive films. The Patifx products are identical in quality to the old fablon range and offer very similar patterns to the ones we used to sell in fablon as well as several new ones. One example of the marble grey is shown to the left.

The Patifix range is available in plains and prints, woodgrains, marbles, a huge range of window films, new metallic range, new white / black board film range as well as velours.

The new patifix range features a fairly extensive new offering of window films including mosaics, water droplets and stained glass window style patterns. Other all new sticky back plastic products available since we've introduced the patifix product range are the metallics available in criss cross (shown right), metallic squares and brushed silver. These are all welcome additions to the self adhesive films offered by Patifix also produce a white board film and black board film allowing surfaces to be easily converted into surfaces suitable for dry wipe pens or chalk.

E-commerce manager at, Chris Page said, "I'm delighted to be able to offer a range of self adhesive films or sticky back plastic (as some people like to call it) once again. It was real shame to see a long standing product like fablon go but I'm glad we can offer our customers a very similar product with an extensive range offering once more."