Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Henderson Bifold & Husky Folding Door Gear Track Kits

Henderson door gear make a range of folding door gear tracks suitable for different applications. Folding door track kits are available for different types of door and different door weights. All Henderson track kits are available from Page's DIY store in Port Talbot or our online store PagesDIY.com

The henderson bifold door door gear tracks are suitable for applications where each leaf weighs up to 14kg. Track kits are available in a range of different lengths meaning you can fit folding doors on openings of 1067mm, 1525mm and 2135mm. 

The henderson bifold door gear is an easy-fit gear for wood or composite folding doors, with silent nylon spring-loaded guides in an aluminium top track. The spring-loaded end pivot arrangement allows leaves to fold completely flat for unhindered access to walk-in cupboards and wardrobes. No bottom track or door jamb required. Any number of two leaf units can be used for an opening, each anchored.

Standard kits for 2 or 4 (2x2) leaves containing aluminium top track, nylon guides, pivots and sockets, bumper, hinges, aligner, screws, spanner and fixing instructions.

Henderson husky folding 25 door gear track kits

The henderson husky folding 25 door gear tracks are efficient and easy-to-use for light folding doors, neatly stacking at one 
side and without floor guides for an uninterrupted run of carpet. With the henderson husky folding 25 door gear track kits each leaf can weigh up to 25kg. For larger openings, a floor guide channel should be included. If doors are required to stack at both sides additional pivots are required. Soffit fixing only is available.

Kits HF25/12 and HF25/24 contain: top and bottom pivots for fixing into end panel; 4-wheeled adjustable nylon hangers; hinges; screws; fixing instructions and steel track no. 280.

2 and 4 leaf fitting packs contain all the components contained in the kits except the track. Order also track no. 280 or aluminium section track no. 280A.

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